Useful information on e-learning effectiveness

Here  is   the summary  of  a study comparing student satisfaction and formal test results after using four different types of instruction:  traditional classroom, on-line instruction without video, on-line instruction with video, and on-line instruction with interactive video  (video organised in small chunks that are well-indexed, and easily manipulated).  All groups that used on-line instruction reported higher satisfaction than the group with traditional classroom instruction.  The students using on-line instruction without video and those using on-line instruction with linear video scored equal satisfaction.   The interactive video group reported higher satisfaction.  The test scores (learning outcome) of the group using the interactive video were higher than those of  the other three groups.

Does this justify the time investment that making interactive videos require?    

(Zang et al, (2006), ‘Instructional video in e-learning: Assessing the impact of interactive video on learning effectiveness’, Information & Management   vol.  43: 15–27, [Available on-line:]


Mobile Learning

Is the future accessing learning video content on the go?

What considerations are needed to make this happen?

My thoughts are based on accessibility, videos need contextualising to make them effective….what this means is some serious thought in the pre-production and post production as to what the learning outcomes are designed to be, with a keen focus on accessibility.

“Designing mLearning: Tapping into the Mobile Revolution for Organizational Performance” by Clark N. Quinn 2011



Ideas from the Open Source community for video learning resources

Here is a link to an Open Source Community about CNC router machines:

definition of CNC; “A machine tool that uses programs to automatically execute a series of machining operations.” (

Not only is it an interesting layout of a website/ blog community, it also offers some interesting CAD examples (in the grey boxes) which could be learning videos.