Students lead the way

Today I gave a presentation to the BSc Cosmetic Science students. At least 5 students had IPads or similar devices and were using them to flick through the presentation, in order to complete the group exercise.   Hence most students were already engaged in mobile learning experience.  The video creators who we have interviewed so far planned the videos as a “reminder / view in your own time” resource.    Some video resources can be planned and used to create an interactive workshop /lecture experience instead of a self-help guide.

Expecting all students to bring their own mobile devices to workshops and lectures might be seen as unfair on some, but ignoring the fact that many of them do it anyway is refusing to confront the reality.

Mobile Learning

Is the future accessing learning video content on the go?

What considerations are needed to make this happen?

My thoughts are based on accessibility, videos need contextualising to make them effective….what this means is some serious thought in the pre-production and post production as to what the learning outcomes are designed to be, with a keen focus on accessibility.

“Designing mLearning: Tapping into the Mobile Revolution for Organizational Performance” by Clark N. Quinn 2011