APT13 Presenation: link to paper abstract

This is a link to the abstract of our presention at  APT13 Conference hosted by The University of Greenwich:




TED: How web video powers global innovation


How do we harness the potential from the huge interest in getting information from web videos?

“Chris Anderson says the rise of web video is driving a worldwide phenomenon he calls Crowd Accelerated Innovation — a self-fueling cycle of learning that could be as significant as the invention of print….”

It is of course over simplified, but there is also something in what Chris Anderson’s talking about here, and anyone involved in video and putting video on the web is aware that this area is going to mushroom exponentially.

Online Video Content Boom

some online discussions i find quite interesting:

..online video isn’t just about the video’s content, but also the surrounding webpage’s copy, flow, and delivery. Bad hosting and poor delivery can easily diminish a video with great content.

It seems increasingly like you need some intelligent design to make any web content work effectively, video or not. Linking content to related sites, posts or videos that the viewer might find useful, is paramount.

Just how far will students want to re-edit & re-use online video content depends on how engaging the content is…..or is it more about the web pages copy, flow and delivery ?




Example of learning video: how to use an overlocker machine

YouTube Preview Image

Link originally brought to my attention by Chris Follows (I think?). Very topical to this project, its from the University of Derby Learning Technology Blog:


If you press ‘read more’ on the first blog titled “Exploiting the potential of video in teaching” Even though this video is very slow, I quite like the very well explained sections and how the viewer is drawn to focus on certain parts.
I like the theme & focus on the learning outcome in the blog. This style of learning video is proving to be very popular among technicians and students I show it to at LCF…perhaps it will catch on ?