Let’s use video to reinvent education



Interesting video about how Salman Khan (Khan Academy) used video to free up time of the teachers to interact in a more humane way during class time, allowing more peer to peer interaction. Same idea as “flipping the classroom”. Another interesting way he describes this in his talk is by saying that the relevant metric for student: teacher ratio should be measured by¬† ‘student: to valuable human time with the teacher ratio’, and that video education resources allow this….I think they do in principle and this is certainly a guiding reason for many tutors, technicians, lecturers wanting to make videos for their students.

The thing about using video resources is that they do have to be mapped out well, fitting into a knowledge map. And to accomplish this you do need a well thought out set of videos on a specific topic, which in turn requires you to have a very good level of video skills and mastery of video tools, and a web portal, or CMS to access these resources. The chain reaction of this is having the right storage infrastructure for holding these nuggets, such as a MAM.