Where MIT leads others follow

Today I found online instructions from MIT on how to create on-line video tutorials.  It made me think: “Is our project reinventing the wheel?” Sometimes we need to reinvent the wheel, as it takes us along our own road of learning. The feedback from students viewing our own videos is invaluable; it shows a richness of responses to the videos, and we should listen to our own students.   More from the surveys is to come soon.

1 thought on “Where MIT leads others follow

  1. Could you provide the link from MIT ? Our institutions are very different, theirs is ‘mighty’, both financially,in student numbers, and in their appraoch to educational technology compared to UAL. However, we do have a unique focus on art and design that is unique from other institutions, so I totally agree that sometimes we do need to reinvent that wheel, as we are doing. And I hope we become an arts institution that inspires others to to do the same.

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