Rhona Sharp from Oxford Brookes discusses issues of lecturing

An introduction to why we lecture, what some of the problems with lecturing are, and how we can improve lectures.

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Summary of this video: Content conundrum: why do we lecture now? We want students to acquire knowledge, but then use that knowledge through application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation (without boring them!) Are lectures really the answer?

There are all sorts of problems linked to note taking in lectures according to Donald Bligh author of “What’s the use of Lectures?”….a good set of notes is very important to students attending lectures. Ability to summarize, paraphrase and integrate information through audio and on screen text is very hard. Lectures are no better at conveying knowledge than other methods such as: reading, handouts, videos, self study, problem based learning, or out of class activities

I think this links to something Eric Mazur said, a keynote speaker at ALT C in Manchester 2012, who found that brain activity during lectures was lower than while sleeping and comparable to while watching tv.

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