Teaching & Learning Fellowship update


As a part of our fellowship project we carried out focus group surveys with 24 LCF students (Curtain Rd based, D&T courses) . 66% (16 students) had not seen the LCF video resources under the Blackboard Fashion Portal tab but 83% (20 students ) had accessed websites and watched on-line videos broadly related to their subject. The most commonly mentioned sites were TED.com, Style.com, Vimeo (broadly), Youtube (broadly). 85% answers stated “own on-line search” or “friend’s advice” as the way of finding those sites/videos, 74% answers stated home as the location from which the videos were accessed. The data suggests that whilst the students are open to using on-line resources, they are more likely to follow friends’ recommendations than those of academic or technical staff . These are preliminary findings, and we hope to extend our research into next autumn term 2012 so we can gather more data from LCF students.


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