What are the New Media Literacies?

Short video (above) of Henry Jenkins from MIT discussing how ProjectNML (New Media Literacies), and in particular the teachers’ strategy guide “Reading in a Participatory Culture,” defines the new media literacies.

I like this term and explanation as a another way of thinking about “Digital Literacies”

Further MIT video explanation of NML:


Teaching & Learning Fellowship update


As a part of our fellowship project we carried out focus group surveys with 24 LCF students (Curtain Rd based, D&T courses) . 66% (16 students) had not seen the LCF video resources under the Blackboard Fashion Portal tab but 83% (20 students ) had accessed websites and watched on-line videos broadly related to their subject. The most commonly mentioned sites were TED.com, Style.com, Vimeo (broadly), Youtube (broadly). 85% answers stated “own on-line search” or “friend’s advice” as the way of finding those sites/videos, 74% answers stated home as the location from which the videos were accessed. The data suggests that whilst the students are open to using on-line resources, they are more likely to follow friends’ recommendations than those of academic or technical staff . These are preliminary findings, and we hope to extend our research into next autumn term 2012 so we can gather more data from LCF students.


How to create good on-line videos – teaching and professional fellowship project findings

Staff views.  LCF technical staff focus group reviewed a number of videos (available from the LCF BlackBoard, PROCESSARTS, and an on-line video produced by Derby University) looking at their reuse values.  All videos were focused on basic sewing machine preparation and use, but differed in production style.  Several initial recommendations emerged:

– introduce a graphic overlay highlighting key points on the screen where  applicable;

– prepare good scripts, including some contextual information;

– consider  voiceover (to prevent the viewer from being distracted by the presenter) .

Concept of students voting for favourite lectures: FRUNI

Fruni - Free Range University

I think this is an interesting concept, seems to come from Bristol Uni. Where students get to vote in their favourite lectures. If a staff or student’s uni isn’t on the list then you can nominate it, so i’ve nominated UAL, but doubt it will take – off! Now i have to convince some excellent lecturers to be bold enough to let their lectures be seen by the world. I’ve heard good arguments against this dumbing down of what university lecturers do, so I’m not completely sold on the idea.