Example of learning video: how to use an overlocker machine

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Link originally brought to my attention by Chris Follows (I think?). Very topical to this project, its from the University of Derby Learning Technology Blog:


If you press ‘read more’ on the first blog titled “Exploiting the potential of video in teaching” Even though this video is very slow, I quite like the very well explained sections and how the viewer is drawn to focus on certain parts.
I like the theme & focus on the learning outcome in the blog. This style of learning video is proving to be very popular among technicians and students I show it to at LCF…perhaps it will catch on ?

This video was shot for our new Technical Portal at LCF

This video was shot by James Montgomery (technician) part of the Media School of Fashion at LCF to explain using a stills camera they have for students to use. Imagine what voice over or captions would be most appropriate?

Many more videos like this will be made to help students in their learning of using equipment. The idea is to use QR codes by or on the kit so they can have instant access to either a short video or at least some written resource as to how to use the equipment properly.